Ask the Experts at Coastal Plumbing Services Of Florida

Ask the Experts at Coastal Plumbing Services Of Florida

What you need to know about Sump Pumps

What Is A Sump Pump?
Sump pumps work to pump out any water that has accumulated in your basement. The pump may be hooked up to your main drainage system or it may simply direct the water into a subsidiary drain that travels away and downhill from your home. Its job is to help keep the area under your home dry and to prevent it from flood­ing.

What Does It Run On?
Many sump pump models run strictly on electricity, but it's a good idea to have some type of backup system in place as a precaution. The options for sump pumps range from a battery backup, hooking it up to your emergency generator, or you can get a water powered sump pump too. Making sure you have a backup for your sump pump is extremely important - you need them the most during storms, when the power is most likely to go out! Water powered sump pumps use your town's water pressure as the source of its pumping energy. Because it does not depend on a battery at all, it will operate at full power for years after its installation.

How Do You Maintain A Sump Pump?
Sump pumps are relatively low-maintenance, but you can help keep your unit operational by inspecting it regularly. Important steps in maintaining your sump pump include checking the discharge line, checking the inlet screen, removing any visible debris, and testing the pump three to four times a year.
Once a year, you should disconnect your pump from the power source and flush it thoroughly with water to remove impurities and debris. If your unit has backup battery power, replace the battery every two to three years, or as directed.

Thinking Of Investing In A Sump Pump?
If you're thinking of investing in a sump pump, contact the experts at Coastal Plumbing Services of Florida